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Package 2 - Bed & Chair Alarm System (Alarm Near Patient)
Regular Pricing: $149.95
Price: From $72.95
Package 2 - Bed & Chair Alarm System (Alarm Near Patient)
Quality long term bed and chair pads & alarm. Sounds alert when patient is trying to get up. Can be heard from adjacent rooms. System resets when patient returns to the pad, or when reset button on alarm is pressed. See full site for more detail.
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Package 4 - Cordless Bed & Chair Alarm System (Alarm Away from Patient)
Price: From $174.95
Package 4 - Cordless Bed & Chair Alarm System (Alarm Away from Patient)
Wireless bed & chair pads with alarm lets you know if your patient is trying to get up. Alarm can be with caregiver, up to 100' away from patient. No noise in patient's room, so they are not startled or upset. View full site for more detail.
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Customer Testimonials:

As a satisfied customer, I would recommend Kerr Medical to anyone needing care products.  I ordered a bed pad and alarm from them and accidentally listed an old shipping address.  The order was sent and then refused due to my error.  When I emailed Kerr questioning what had happened to my order, I received a phone call from their staff right away.  We quickly figured out my address error and they immediately sent another unit, expediting the shipping, at no additional cost to me.  They are a quality, customer-oriented company and I would recommend them as the place to meet your needs.    Jim Buckles, Indiana

All I can say is thank heavens that I found this company and my bed alarm and pad.  It has quite literally changed the life of my mother and myself.  I was so worried all the time that she would fall, and I couldn't hear her getting up.  Now I know I will hear her as soon as she stands up. Great customer service staff, too. They really listened to my issues when dealing with my mom and helped me choose the right product.    Cathy A., Florida

This was my second order from Kerr. It arrived super fast, well before the promised date. And the product works great. Thanks again!   Geraldine L., New York

I purchased the Home Style Bed Rail with a bed pad and alarm for my dad after talking it over with a nice gal at Kerr. She recommended using both as the rails slow dad down from getting up, and the alarm lets me know he's on the move. Works great. And by having the alarm outside of the room with me, he doesn't get upset by any noise like he did with the other system he had in the rehab facility.    Alice W., Connecticut

Senior Medical Care: Find a Bed Alarm, Canes, Crutches and More

Caring for seniors requires special equipment and devices necessary to guarantee the best care. Kerr Medical is dedicated to offering their customers a huge selection of top quality medical supplies, equipment and devices. Kerr Medical proudly offers their customers professional medical products for nursing home use as well as at-home care.

Family owned and based out of Sebastopol, California, Kerr Medical strives to provide affordable products combined with exceptional customer service to seniors in need of daily living aids and medical equipment. Here at Kerr Medical, we offer our customers a huge selection of the most sought after medical devices. On our site you’ll find weekly package specials that include a bed alarm and long term bed pad. Bed alarms for seniors are essential when providing care for the elderly. Bed alarms are used to notify the caregiver of their patients’ movement, thus increasing safety and communication.

In addition to providing quality bed alarms, we also offer our customers products to assist with:

  • Bathroom use and bathing
  • Fall prevention
  • Seating
  • Walking
  • Eating
  • Incontinence
  • Mobility
  • Personal care

To browse our selection of products, or to find a bed alarm for elderly patients, simply browse our online store. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know. We are happy to help you in any way we can. Simply send us an email at or dial 1-888-254-3444 to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members. We will be happy to educate you about your future bed alarm, chair or walker purchase.