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Package 15 - Floor Mat Exit Alarm System with Wireless Pager (Alarm Near OR Away from Patient)

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Floor Mat Exit Alarm System lets a caregiver know when a patient is on the move!  Use by a bed, chair, or in a doorway, and receive a remote alert when the floor mat is stepped upon.

Includes a high grade floor mat, a device called a wireless fall monitor (which can sound alarm noise, or be placed on silent), a pager for the caregiver, and a protective pager case. 

2' x 3' floor mat is made of high grade, top quality rubber, and is one of the most reliable and well made floor mats available for home and facility use.  (We do have a larger 2' x 4'  floor mat available.  Please call our customer service department if you would prefer the larger floor mat with your order.)
The floor mat attaches via an approximately 6' cord to the wireless fall monitor, which is shipped with its adjustable volume set to silent (which can be changed to sound an alert in the patient's room).  When the floor mat is stepped upon, the wireless fall monitor sends a signal to the pager (which can be up to 150' from floor mat) and alerts the caregiver that the patient is on the move!  
Pager has adjustable volume (output varies between 70-80 decibels), tone/language options, and a vibrate setting. It can be clipped to a belt, kept in a pocket, or placed on a counter or table using a built-in stand.

Wireless fall monitor, connected to the floor mat in the patient's room, features status and pad lost indicators (for safety), and a low battery indicator.
Wireless fall monitor requires 3 AA batteries, (not included).  An optional AC adapter is available for you to choose when you add this product to your shopping cart.  The AC adapter plugs into the wireless fall monitor in the patient's room, and will reduce the amount of batteries you will use for that product over time. The AC adapter is completely optional and the system will work efficiently with batteries.  The cost of the AC adapter is $9.95.

Pager requires 2 AA batteries, (not included).  
One year manufacturer warranty on both wireless fall monitor and floor mat.  6 month warranty on pager.

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