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Package 1A - Chair Alarm System (Alarm Near Patient)

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Product Description

Special Pricing!

Package includes:
and one 10" x 15" long term chair sensor pad.

Alarm sounds alert from within the patient's room.

Alarm features an adjustable volume (70-80 db), an easy reset button, a status indicator, and a low battery indicator.

Sensor pad is made of soft cushioned vinyl, is incontinence resistant, and is easy to wipe clean (see care instructions on pad).

Choose to use batteries or an AC adapter:
Alarm operates on a 9 volt battery, not included. 
Add the optional AC Adapter (+$9.95).  If adding to your package, we recommend keeping batteries in the alarm as a backup in case of an electrical power failure. 

Choose to add a Protective Alarm Cover:
If intending to use in a facility or in the care of multiple patients, adding a Protective Alarm Cover to your system (+$6.95) is highly recommended.

How to use:
Place the pad on the seat of the patient's chair*.  (You may place a thin coverlet over the pad, but always test before using to ensure the alarm sounds immediately when weight is removed from the pad.)  Connect the pad's approx. 3 ft. cord to the alarm, clipping securely into the alarm monitor with a connection similar to a phone jack.  Hang the chair alarm on the chair (hardware included), or place in a convenient location near the pad.  When the patient lifts their weight from the pad, the chair alarm will sound, calling you to their aid.  To silence the alert, simply press the reset button and assist your patient. When you are ready to activate the system again, place the patient back onto the pad. The system is automatically reactivated and ready to respond as soon as they remove their weight from the pad again.

*Note on using with cushions:
Please be aware that using this system with certain types of cushions, such as memory foam, gel, air filled, or other ones designed to distribute pressure away from the body, can cause false alarm responses.  When sensor pads are used on these surfaces, the cushions distribute body pressure away from the pads, which can cause the pad to think that the patient is no longer upon it, triggering an alarm.  Conversely, these cushions can also cause delayed alarm issues.  You may need to remove these types of cushions from the chair you wish to use with this alarm system.

One year manufacturer warranty.  Long term pads are expected to last a year and are warrantied as such.  The pads should be replaced after that time.  To order a new pad, see our Replacement Standard Sensor Pads.

Manufactured by Smart Caregiver Corporation.

This chair alarm with sensor pad system starts at only $47.95, including free ground shipping!

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Local medical supply wanted $120!
Laurie (Reno) 4/28/2014 11:38 AM
I am so glad I found this company online! I'd been looking for a chair alert since my mom was checked out of rehab after a broken hip. She won't stay put in her chair, which is what she even sleeps in. The closest medical supply store wanted an arm and a leg for what they carried. Ordered this over the telephone with a very helpful woman a few weeks ago, and have been very pleased. Mom has yet to escape her chair without me knowing.

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