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Cordless Alarm With Options

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Cordless Alarm Options:
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Cordless alarm is available separately, (if it is replacing an existing alarm or an extra is needed), or as a package with one of our wireless products, providing an efficient fall prevention system. 

Alarm can be kept with the caregiver, up to 100' from the bed pad.  Removing the alarm from the patient's room means they won't be confused or distressed by loud alarm noise when they start to get out of bed.  The caregiver will receive an alert, day or night, and they can assist their patient quickly to help prevent a fall.

Cordless bed alarm features volume control, an on/off button and emits a repeated chime tone.

If purchasing as part of a sensor pad package, the pads are made of a quality material and are all long term use, meaning one year of expected use.  Pads are incontinence resistant.  Place under the fitted sheet when used in a bed or on the seat of a chair.  (Using these pads with any type of pressure relief cushion can cause them to not work properly.  Call if you are unsure of proper installation.)

If purchasing as part of a floor mat package, the mat is made of high quality rubber, and features a non-slip surface with beveled edges to reduce tripping hazards.  It is easy to clean with sanitizing cloths.

Cordless bed alarm operates on three C batteries, (not included), or if purchased as part of a package, use the included AC Adapter.   If you use the AC adapter, we still recommend keeping batteries installed as a backup in case of an electrical power failure!   

Choose from the available options, (price varies):

1.  Cordless Bed Alarm (replacement or extra unit for existing system).

2.  With a 10" x 30" Bed Pad and an AC Adapter.

3.  With a 20" x 30" Bed Pad (recommended for patients under 120lbs), and an AC Adapter.

4.  With a 10" x 30" Bed Pad, a 10" x 15" Chair Pad, and an AC Adapter.

5.  With 24" x 48" Cordless Floor Mat and an AC Adapter.

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