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Fall Prevention

We are fall prevention specialists at Kerr Medical.  We encourage you to view our complete packaged systems in 'Quality Caregiver Packages' section below, where we have combined our best products to make understanding and purchasing the right product easier!

Bed Alarms & Chair Alarms
Use a Bed & Chair Alarm Monitor and you will know when they are trying to get out of bed, chair or room!
Bed Alarm for Elderly Patients
Save time with our packaged systems that address your different caregiving needs!
Replacement Sensor Pads
Replace a sensor pad for your current system. For a complete Bed or Chair Alarm system, see one of our other Fall Prevention sections.
Pull String Alarms
Simple, economical solution to monitor a patient, recommended mainly for chair usage.
Motion Sensors
Motion Sensors offer an alternative to sensor pads and alarm monitoring.
Wireless/Cordless Systems
Wireless and cordless products which offer a simpler, safer option to monitoring.
Non-restraint Seat Belts
Non-restraining belts for use with a wheelchair. Choose from velcro or buckle style release; with or without alarm monitor.
Floor Mats
Use weight sensing floor mats with an alarm monitor beside a bed, chair, or doorway for an alert when a patient is on the move!
Call Systems
We can offer you a variety of call systems, ranging from one button up to thirty buttons!
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Cord Change Per Ft

Price: Per Ft
Cord Change Per Ft
Cord Change, add on extra per foot
Quad Cane

Regular Pricing: $123.92
Price: $59.95
You Save: $63.97 (52 %)
Quad Cane
Quad Cane, Small Base, BLK, Foam Grip