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Home Style Bed Rail and Non Skid Platform Footstool

Item Number 16500BV 13030-2SV
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Product Description

This two item package includes:

  • A non skid platform footstool made of steel welded silver vein construction with a non-skip ribbed rubber platform. This well made and thoughtfully designed step includes reinforced rubber tips.

A home style bed rail. This bed rail is designed specifically to be used in the home and with any size of bed used at home (not suitable for hospital beds) Adjusts between 36" and 72". Crossbars come with extensions that will accommodate a California King size bed.

Rail length can be adjusted without tools to 37", 43" or 57" long and rail fits all home style beds. This means you can adjust the bedrail length to fit your patient and how you think it will work best for your situation. 

The three adjustable lengths allow you to have the length 1/3,  1/2, or most of the way down the bed.  If you have the rail set at 37", It means the patient can use the bed rail to assist in sitting up, but the rail will also stops them from immediately rolling from the bed.  The 43" setting will also allow the patient to use the rail to sit up, but also slow any attempt to leave their bed without assistance because the rail will go at least half way down the bed.  The 57" setting will mean they have to scoot most of the way down the bed before leaving.  This can protect and slow down a potential fall risk patient. 

The bed rail easily adjusts up or down with spring-loaded release buttons, and featuring an attractive brown vein finish.  So when you need to help your patient get up from the bed, you pull the two release buttons and slide the rail towards the floor against the side of the bed.  

Constructed of 1" steel. Fits all beds used in homes (not hospital beds)

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