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Number/Color Association Pad

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Product Description

The number-color association pad offers various forms of stimulation:  counting sequencing, color comparison and recognition, number comparisons, eye-hand coordination, finger dexterity and strength exercises, and a reusable, laminated activity sheet.

The Counting/Sequencing Pad consist of six work columns and two storage columns located on the left and right. The pad contains 30 marbles with 5 each of six different colors that can be moved to the separate divisions. 

With this pad, the patient can develop an understanding of numbers in both magnitude and relative size, sequencing and color recognition by selecting the colored marbles and placing them in specific locations. 

The product is provided with a laminated insert that allows the educator to mark up to develop many creative exercises. 

The open pocket behind the gel provides the opportunity to be creative and to develop several work sheets.

Easy to Use:
Place the Counting/Sequencing Pad on the desk and select an exercise based on the patients level of number development. As an example, ask the person to represent a particular number by accumulating the marbles in the six columns, e.g. column 1, 1 each, column 3, 2 each, column 6, 5 each for a total of 8. The number of variations using numbers and colors is unlimited.

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